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John Schwarz, Indiana Attorney

John Schwarz takes a great deal of pride in the experience and understanding he can offer, and respects the compassion his clients need to deal with the stresses that come from life changing events. His clients come from all over Indiana to take advantage of his legal services.

Nobody wants to be in a scenario where they need a lawyer. But when those times arise, it is important to have someone you trust there to protect your interests. The Schwarz Law Office is a client-focused law firm in Indiana with clients all over the state.

We offer a wide variety of legal services. Our legal counsel can help plan your estate by protecting your personal assets, creating or modifying your last will and testament and planning your living will. If you need help incorporating your business, we can ensure that it is done correctly. In the unfortunate case of a pending criminal charge or divorce, we have years of experience in criminal defense and family law.

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“I was assisting a client with a wetland compliance matter and out on a field inspection with the farmer and the Indiana State Compliance Specialist. The farmer told the Specialist that his attorney was John Schwarz. The Compliance specialist told the farmer, “Mr. Schwarz really knows his stuff, and “actually knows the rules and regulations better than the Farm Service Agency”. He told the farmer that if there was anyone that could find a way to get the farmer through the wetland violation, it was Mr. Schwarz.”

S.M., 30 year retiree of Farm Service Agency, assists farmers with USDA Program Compliance and Benefits

“Our farm was accused by the USDA of a wetland violation. In all, we were facing over 1.2 million dollars in penalties. We would have had to sell part of our farm to pay for the penalty. We hired Mr. Schwarz and he helped us take our matter to the National Appeals Division. We were successful, and Mr. Schwarz was able to get our penalties reduced to approximately $2400.00. Mr. Schwarz saved our farming operation.”

P. F, Inc., Wells County, Indiana

“Our farm was faced with a National Resource Conservation Service wetland violation that potentially had millions of dollars in penalties. John was able to resolve this issue for us without any penalties.”

B.W., Hannover, Michigan


Schwarz Law Office is a well-respected law firm with a reputation for consistent performance at the highest level of professionalism.