There is nothing more valuable than family. Schwarz Law Office puts great care and effort into facilitating solutions to family law issues that cause a little disruption as possible to daily life – especially for children.


The determination of a child’s biological father and the laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of the man is paternity law. Paternity can be established in any of three ways:

  • If mother is married during conception, the husband is automatically presumed as the father.
  • The mother can have a man sign a affidavit of paternity form that will identify the man as the father of the child.
  • A court order can establish paternity. This is usually done through a DNA test.

Parenting Time and Child Support

Usually parenting time and child support is established during divorce proceedings. If there is a need to recalculate child support or parenting time disputes come up it may be necessary to go back to court. We can ensure that child support is calculated fairly and that your parenting time is preserved.

Department of Child Services

If DCS gets involved in your family’s life it can be stressful. If court intervention has been deemed necessary, Schwarz Law Office can gather evidence and represent you at hearings of any Child in Need of Services proceedings. Allowing a DCS case to stay on the record could inhibit your ability to get certain jobs and many see it as offensive. We understand this and fight aggressively to protect your family and reputation.

Indiana Family Law Attorney

Family law deals with people near and dear to our heart. It is important to choose an attorney that understands this core concept first and will represent you fully with this in mind.

John Schwarz, II

Attorney John Schwarz II is a native Hoosier who knows and understands the issues facing the people of Indiana.

John practices in the areas of Agricultural Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Animal Law, and other areas. As a fellow Hoosier John can effectively assist you with your Indiana legal needs.

John Schwarz, Indiana Attorney