Indiana, like other states, gives its citizens the constitutional right to appeal a conviction and sentence. Even someone who pleads guilty or no contest to a crime may have the right to appeal their sentence. There are even situations where an appeal can be made to the trial court if it is decided that a probation violation has occurred.

Indiana Court of Appeals

If you plan to appeal a case, it is important to note that new evidence will not be introduced to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The appellate judges cannot decide a new verdict. The Court of Appeals can and sometimes will simply decide if there was an error in the trial proceedings of your case.

There are many reasons why a trial court could be found to have been in error during a criminal trial. The judge could have misinterpreted a law. Witness testimonies could come into question. There could have been evidence kept out that should not have been or evidence that was presented that should never have been seen by the jury.

Deciding to Appeal

When deciding to appeal, it is necessary to try your best to remain objective. We will help you decide if your case is strong enough to warrant an appeal. A criminal appeal is a complex process. It can take several months to research, compile, and complete. Schwarz Law Office will consult with your trial attorney and obtain all the records of your case. We will go through your trial transcript and pleadings and orders filed with the trial court. We will find and construct and argument for every appealable issue that you are interested in pursuing. We work hard to make sure that the appellate courts have all the important information and explain to them the validity of your position. However, Schwarz Law Office can offer no guarantees that the appeal court will agree or that any changes will be made.

Indiana Criminal Appeals

Our office has handled numerous appeals over the years so we know the appeal process very well.

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