A criminal trial is scheduled if a defendant continues to plead not guilty after the preliminary hearing and plea bargain negotiations have ended. If pre-trial motions fail to get the charges dismissed or significant evidence thrown out, and no plea agreements are accepted, the case proceeds to trial.

There is nothing that causes quite the same kind of fear as having your freedom put in question. We understand the position a trial puts the defendant in as well as the family and friends that are involved. The first step to getting yourself prepared is to understand the trial process.

Indiana Trial Process

The steps of the trial in order are:

  1. Jury Selection
  2. Opening Statements
  3. Testimony and Evidence
  4. Cross-Examination of Witnesses
  5. Closing Arguments
  6. Jury Instructions
  7. Jury Deliberations
  8. Verdict

If the verdict doesn’t return favorably there is another option: Criminal Appeals.

Indiana Criminal Trial Attorney

When your freedom is on the line, you’ll want an experienced attorney at your side.

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