Located in the heart of Indiana, John Schwarz, II is a farm-raised Hoosier who understands the legal issues facing the people of rural small-town America.

John Schwarz takes a great deal of pride in the experience and understanding he can offer, and respects the compassion his clients need to deal with the stresses that come from life changing events. His current clients come from all over Indiana, Michigan, and other parts of the country to take advantage of his expert legal services.

Although the Schwarz Law Office serves all of Indiana, we are located in Royal Center, Indiana.

John Schwarz, II, Indiana Attorney

Indiana Lawyer John Schwarz, II

Indiana Farm Attorney

An Indiana Attorney with Deep Farm Roots

Farm law is a very unique field of law practice. In recent years, it has become vital for those involved in the farm and agriculture industry to acquire proper legal protection. Many lawyers are unfamiliar with the needs and concerns of the typical farm and can overlook the unique situations that arise in the farming industry. John Schwarz is a farmer himself, which means that he has experienced first-hand and understands the problems that show themselves working in agriculture.

At the Schwarz Law Office, we have chosen to focus on helping Hoosiers in Indiana and the surrounding areas ensure their business, their legacy, and their family are secured. Many lawyers claim to practice agricultural law, but most of them don’t know the first thing about the logistics of farm life and the importance of being able to have someone there to count on when the occasional legal issues arise. The farm won’t wait while lawyers give you the run around. We understand that even seemingly minor legal problems with the farm can weigh heavily on your family’s livelihood.

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We also help numerous non-farm clients as well. For more than 15 years John has worked hard to provide quality legal services at prices people can afford.

Schwarz Law Office is a situated in the heart of Indiana and can provide you with the following:

  • Accessibility: Schwarz Law Office is easily accessible, located at the corner of Indiana State Road 16 and US 35.  We have wheelchair access and on-street parking. When necessary, we try to accommodate our clients’ schedules for appointments.
  • Pricing: We strive to keep our overhead low and are able to pass that savings on to our clients. Our rates are generally below the average Indiana hourly rate.
  • Personal Service: Being in a small-town setting, we have a more inviting and welcoming environment. We offer kind, courteous, and compassionate service.
  • Workload: Because we have a lower overhead, we don’t need to take on every legal matter that comes our way in order to stay afloat. This means you won’t just be another file. We have a steady workload, but not a workload that prohibits us from giving your legal matter the proper time and attention.
  • Location to Court: Distance to a particular courthouse does not matter. We have had court cases in more than 40 counties and in federal courts. We utilize technology as much as possible to cut down on travel time.

When choosing an attorney, ask questions such as: Does the attorney know agriculture? Have they created farm estate plans? Do they focus on estate planning?

John Schwarz, II


Schwarz Law Office is a well-respected law firm with a reputation for consistent performance at the highest level of professionalism.