Estate planning is an area of law that governs how a person transfers their assets and property in the event of their death.

Everyone wants a smooth transition of assets but rarely do people think that far ahead. When a person plans their estate and creates a will, he/she will know that his/her last wishes remain intact and that family members won’t feel the pain of guessing and waiting.

Many clients come to us not realizing the impact that today’s decisions will have on their family’s future. Schwarz Law Office can help plan for the future so that your family can reduce many of the financial problems that come from lack of a detailed plan.

Once your ready to begin planning your estate or drafting a will and trust, it is important to consult with a lawyer that has years of experience in the field. By working with a professional attorney, you can create an estate plan that will safeguard the financial and economic well-being of your beneficiaries. Schwarz Law Office will make sure that your intentions are stated in clear terms and in accordance with Indiana statutes.

Indiana Estate Law Attorney


Granting the power of attorney is the legal authority to make decisions and sign for a person under a set number of circumstances. The power to make decisions can be as specific as the ability to sell one piece of property on their behalf or as broad as managing all financial decisions.


Probate is essentially the court process to determine whether or not a will is valid. It also consists of paying the decedent’s debts and distributing his or her assets as instructed in the will. In Indiana, a will must be probated in the county where the deceased person lived at the time of his or her death. If the deceased person did not live in Indiana, the will may be probated in the Indiana county where the deceased person had property.


A last will and testament is a legal document that declares how an estate or property will be managed after the death of its owner. Although it is a difficult thing to talk about and plan out, it is paramount that a formal document be prepared to make sure that the owner’s wishes are honored after their death.