If you own or manage a business, you have no doubt entered into many legally binding business contracts with other companies. Your utilities, insurance, contractors, and many others are common to all businesses. As commonplace as business contracts are, some companies provide their services without proper protection and documentation. Every day your company provides services without a written agreement with your clients or vendors is a day you put yourself and your company at needless risk.

You may already have contracts for various services you provide. It may surprise you to discover that your contracts may have loopholes or mistakes that can be exploited. Many contracts are poorly written and you won’t discover just how useless they are until it is too late. We can draft new contracts or review existing ones to ensure that you are fully protected.

Nondisclosure Agreements

A nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract in which a person or organization acknowledges that they must treat specific information as a trade secret or privileged and vows to not disclose that secret information without explicit authorization.

Indiana Contract Disputes

Has a client breached a contract with you? Have you been accused of a breach of contract by someone else? Schwarz Law Office has years of experience with business litigation. We can help you bring your dispute to a close. The lawyers at Schwarz Law Office will evaluate the claims and develop a plan to maximize the retributions you receive or minimize the damages you may have to payout to claimants.

Indiana Business Contract Attorney

A little help from our office will go a long way in making sure your contracts and other documents are correct.

John Schwarz, II

Attorney John Schwarz II is a native Hoosier who knows and understands the issues facing the people of Indiana.

John practices in the areas of Agricultural Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Animal Law, and other areas. As a fellow Hoosier John can effectively assist you with your Indiana legal needs.

John Schwarz, Indiana Attorney