Many new business owners fail to recognize the benefits and advantages of creating a formal legal entity for their business. We can help you form a LLC, LLP, S-Corp, Traditional Corporation, Non-Profit Corporation, or Partnership under Indiana law to protect and facilitate the most effect business type for your company.

Incorporating your business helps:

  • Protect Personal Assets
  • Establish Business Credit
  • Create Many Tax Benefits
  • Protect Your Business Name
  • Project Professionalism

Why Not Use an Online Service?

These days there are many automated services that offer to file your incorporation paper for you. These companies portray business incorporation as a simple ‘click of a button’ task. There is just one problem – you won’t know if have been incorporated properly until you get into some sort of legal trouble. The best reason to incorporate is to protect you business and personal assets. If you paperwork isn’t filed correctly you lose this protection. You can be sure that during a dispute, opposing legal counsel WILL check your documentation to make sure that you are properly filed with the state of Indiana and following all the rules that are required by law to keep your protection intact.

Schwarz Law Office takes the time and care to ensure that not only do you get your business type approved by Indiana but that its done right. Don’t take a short cut that could cost you everything. Contact us today!

Indiana Business Incorporation

You have a lot riding on your business, so it’s important that you work with a qualified attorney who knows how to set your business up properly in the state of Indiana.

John Schwarz, II

Attorney John Schwarz II is a native Hoosier who knows and understands the issues facing the people of Indiana.

John practices in the areas of Agricultural Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Animal Law, and other areas. As a fellow Hoosier John can effectively assist you with your Indiana legal needs.

John Schwarz, Indiana Attorney