Civil litigation covers just about any non-criminal form of litigation. It is a formal resolution process relying on a court to settle a dispute in some way. Moving forward with litigation without an experienced litigation lawyer can cause extra damage to your reputation and could force you to part with large portions of your assets.

Experienced Litigators

Schwarz Law Office is experienced in bringing creative and effective strategies and solutions to our clients’ problems. Whether you are interested in settling your dispute out of court or taking it in front of a judge, we develop plans that aggressively but realistically support your goals.

We represent our clients in a wide variety of personal, commercial, and business litigation cases. We represent cases on behalf of individuals, privately held companies, and trusts in nearly any dispute.

Mediation and Arbitration

Sometimes we can help you solve your dispute without using a formal court proceeding. In mediation our attorneys can help you and the disputing party to come up with a compromise that you are both happy with. We can also help in arbitration where a third party is appointed to resolve the dispute after being presented with both sides of the case.

Whether you were wronged by another party or defending yourself against a similar claim, we can represent your interests in a strong and cost-effective way.

Indiana Civil Litigation Attorney

I always say civil litigation is stressful, time consuming, and expensive. That’s why I try to work with clients to get cases settled. If not, then I work hard to help clients navigate the court system so they can hopefully obtain the outcome they seek.

John Schwarz II

Attorney John Schwarz II is a native Hoosier who knows and understands the issues facing the people of Indiana.

John practices in the areas of Agricultural Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Municipal Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Animal Law, and other areas. As a fellow Hoosier John can effectively assist you with your Indiana legal needs.

John Schwarz, Indiana Attorney