Business law covers all legal statutes that govern corporations and other businesses.

It outlines the creation and development of new businesses and specifies the rights and responsibilities of new and existing businesses under Indiana law.

Running a successful business is a challenge and we understand that the legal hangups can slow growth and productivity. Schwarz Law Office can handle all your legal requirements so you are free to expand your business and focus on regular business concerns. We ensure that all of your filings and paperwork are up to date so that your business runs smoothly.

Expert Indiana Business Lawyers

Schwarz Law Office are skilled and experienced in all aspects of business from inception to sale. To safely and lawfully conduct business in Indiana there are many rules to follow. Some are obvious and others you may not realize until it is too late. Take a proactive approach by contacting us today. We can help with:

  • Formation and Incorporation
  • Drafting Business Contracts
  • Business Related Litigation
  • Being Your Registered Agent
  • Patent Filing
  • Selling of a Business
Indiana Business Attorney


Many new business owners fail to recognize the benefits and advantages of creating a formal legal entity for their business. We can help you form a LLC, LLP, S-Corp, Traditional Corporation, Non-Profit Corporation, or Partnership under Indiana law to protect and facilitate the most effect business type for your company.


If you own or manage a business, you have no doubt entered into many legally binding business contracts with other companies. Your utilities, insurance, contractors, and many others are common to all businesses. As commonplace as business contracts are, some companies provide their services without proper protection and documentation. Every day your company provides services without a written agreement with your clients or vendors is a day you put yourself and your company and needless risk.